About Ageless Mens Health Clinics

Who We Are

AMHC focuses on understanding and treating health issues that affect ordinary men.

AMHC represents Australia’s first dedicated holistic Men’s Health Network of doctors and nurses actively committed to generating positive health and wellbeing outcomes for men of all ages.

Research has shown, compared to women, men are more likely to:

  • Smoke and drink1
  • Make unhealthy or risky choices1
  • Delay regular checkups and medical care.1

AMHC aims to provide a holistic service dedicated to men, encouraging them to seek health advice so they may look, act and feel their very best.

AMHC is staffed by regular specialists, general practitioners and nurses to ensure continuity of patient care.

AMHC’s key to success is setting tailored, realistic goals for patients and providing honest, informed advice on proven treatments to deliver positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

When AMHC is unable to deliver appropriate treatments, patients are referred to external health professionals who best meet their health requirements.

AMHC specialises in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and offers services in fat-reduction (cool trimming), hair rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments for men.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Renova®

  • ED affects an estimated 40 per cent of men over the age of 40 years, many of whom experience either frequent or occasional erection difficulties.2
  • AMHC uses the revolutionary Renova®, a unique, non-invasive, low intensity shockwave device that helps reverse ED.3,4,5

Cool trimming and Cryolipolysis®

  • Cool trimming, also known Cryolipolysis®, is a non-invasive treatment for the reduction of unwanted fat tissue.6
  • Cool trimming involves breaking down fat cells through a targeted, site-specific cooling procedure.6
  • AMHC doctors use a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis® to target, cool and eliminate fat cells without damaging other tissue.6

Hair loss and Platelet Rich Plasma Protocol (PRP)

  • AMHC general practitioners assess and treat male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) using unique, proven protocols.
  • As part of its code of ethics, AMHC doctors advise patients whether their hair loss treatments are, or are not suitable.
  • Male pattern baldness hair loss assessment at AMHC involves:
    • Determining the balding pattern and degree of hair loss;
    • Evaluating body mass index (BMI);
    • General blood, biochemistry (including iron levels), sugar, insulin levels and hormonal analysis (where necessary); and
    • Detailed photographic documentation of individual patients’ hair loss to ensure the treatment is delivering tangible and visible results.
  • AMHC’s unique, non-allergenic protocol uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – which heals and helps the recovery of damaged hair follicles – together with proven topical medications (directly applied to the skin), to prevent further hair loss and rejuvenate hair growth.7

Anti Ageing Medicine

  • AMHC offers a balanced, holistic approach to ageing called Anti Ageing Medicine that targets the visible signs of ageing and includes a program tailored to individual physical and psychological patient needs.
  • The Anti Ageing Medicine program offers patients a tailored exercise plan together with supplements,               ‘bio identical hormones’, stress reduction techniques and tailored injectable treatments.
  • Bio identical hormones mimic natural testosterone, allowing the body to incorporate them without negative side effects, and are provided in a tailor-made script for each patient.
  • AMHC offers botulinum toxin injectables and facial fillers to treat deep wrinkles as well as other problems, such as acne scarring.




Amazing service from the team at Ageless Mens Health. They really understood my concerns and helped me with the treatments which has seen me regain my confidence and youth! Thanks ever so much!

Michael Scriberros

Testimonial Michael Scriberros